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This is a space for unconventional babes that strives to hold the tension between living your big bold life and finding ways to do that that feel soft. #softlysoftly

I hope that through these pages you experience a sense of belonging, warmth, levity and permission to do what ever it is that you need to feel alive.


Right now. In this moment. Do it, bitch! Errr... babes.

HEY HOMIEI am Rafferty Hallows.

Raffery Hallows is practicing postpartum rest



I work in service of those whose experience of motherhood has encompassed full blown hysteria alongside purpose, right sized-ness and joy.

I am committed to providing care right along the postpartum continuum. To pioneer, deconstruct and reassess who, what, how and why we show up for Mothercare.


Because from where I am sitting traditional postpartum care doesn’t cut it in these modern times. We live in a world that expects far too much from Mothers without providing the resources they need to thrive. Boo.

I believe Mothers deserve a doula who can alchemise the original five tenants of traditional postpartum care into something powerful and potent for the roller coaster of these crazy modern times

I am here to offer you radical care and peer support; To remind you to eat and drink and rest, and to tell you how fucking hot and delicious you are, and simply show up for your process of being a Mother.

I have a special place in my heart for the bleeding hearts, the sensitive babes, the freaks, geeks & weirdos; The mental Mothers & the neurodivergent Mothers, the punks, the queers & bisexuals; The relationship anarchists, the trauma babies, and all the soft, squishy, contrary complex humans who have so bravely stepped into Motherhood and want to experience the mess and the magic of it all.


Being cared for by Rafferty is being cared for in all directions, in all of your humanity, with all of your parts welcomed - no matter how messy, how painful, how silly, or how wonderful. They have changed our lives and supported my postpartum in myriad ways and I could not recommend them more.

Queer Mama & Artist

A blurry close up of Raffs face in front of a wall of green with a day bed set up in the back ground for lounging. Raff is beaming,



Patriarchy and capitalism do not value Mothers, Mothering, matrescence, children, menstruation or postpartum etc. So it is a radical and revolutionary act to revere and adore mothers as full and complex beings, prioritise postpartum care, form connections and forge communities, while honouring 'feminine cycles', what ever that means to you. Both as a powerful act of resistance against oppressive systems, and also as an investment in our wish for a new world.


And while I almost exclusively use (and make a point of capitalising) the term "Mother" for my own political reasons, I know, love and work with parents of a variety of genders and identities and will use language that is affirming for you.

Please be sure to introduce yourself and say "Hi!"

A photograph of the sun coming in through the leaves and catching the pink of the flowers in the light
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