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A blessing for world breastfeeding week.

While everyone is celebrating world breastfeeding week, I would like to acknowledge all the folks who are no longer breastfeeding despite their best efforts.

This is a blessing for you.

For all the mothers crying as their babies latch due to the biting pain of a shitty latch. For all the parents struggling with weight gain issues. For all the partners supporting their lover through the grief of being unable to nourish their baby from their breast. For those of you who stopped breastfeeding because you didn’t know what you know now, or you didn’t have enough support...

I know you know the value of breast milk. I am not here to preach that. It is simply true that breast milk is magic.

I see you. I feel your grief because I grieve. I know your struggles because I struggled. I know and celebrate and honour how hard you tried.

This week may you be blessed with grace. May there be space here to celebrate all that you did for your baby, even when ultimately breastfeeding became impossible. There is space here to celebrate every drop of milk you made for your baby regardless of how long.

I see you, I celebrate you for your effort, your care, your love. I am sorry that your heart hurts, it is okay to turn away from socials this week.

Bless those boobies.

Breastfeeding was never easy for me, but it was always worth it.

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