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The second zine from Rafferty Hallows!


This is a guide for the dorky babes who feel lonely or isolated, who don't necessarily feel like they're particularly extroverted or socially confident, or those who, simply put, want more regardless. Please know I do so much of my community building from a place of deep discomfort and not necessarily feeling comfortable in the process.


Contents include:

  • Community as a value you can chose to live by
  • The reality is that you will probably need to get comfortable with grief on your quest to unearth community
  • Experimenting with being the weirdo
  • I acknowledge that I don't have many men in my community
  • Unearthing Community
  • Ceremony, Ritual & Grief
  • Make people feel uncomfortable with care
  • Lets talk about boundaries actually
  • Community takes communication and conflict resolution skills
  • 17. Connecting with people who are not our people - The muggles, if you will
  • It's really, really, really uncomfortable to let people see you unwashed, unshaved, unkempt and miserable
  • I believe that building community and these kinds of connections are what will save the world
  • Relationship Anarchy
  • Dear Reader - A blessing


A great resource to add to your library or to give as a little gift.

A Dorky Doula's Guide To Committed Community Zine

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